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The values reflect the company's strategic vision and guide the team's projects and actions on a daily basis.

If we had to qualify Maitréa, both through our missions and in our way of thinking and working, we would be...









Atypical, right from the start: it is during a meeting between a visionary farmer and a committed recycler that has emerged an innovative model of the future, combining waste recovery and low-carbon energy production. This meeting gave rise to Maitréa.

Anchored in a long-term commitment, Maitréa ‘s mission is to provide energy solutions to industrialists and local authorities, considering the challenges related to the circular and territorial economy. It places its activities within a quest for overall performance.






Audacity is an integral part of Maitréa ‘s DNA. Giving meaning to its missions and projects is its top-most priority. Maitréa does not sell standardized products, but provides tailor-made, carbon-free energy solutions.

Audacity is also found in the profile of its collaborators. Joining Maitréa means giving a new direction to your professional project, giving it a place of honour and being in line with your personal convictions. You don't come along Maitréa by accident...






Both energy and waste markets and businesses are constantly evolving. You always must be one step ahead! Therefore, Maitréa has chosen to work independently to remain the master of its own decisions and projects.

The team that makes up Maitréa is also very autonomous. Each collaborator contributes to the progress of projects and participates in the entire value chain. Profiles and experiences are different, they complement each other. It is this diversity and multi-skills that characterize Maitréa and give it its added value.