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Maitréa adapts itself to your needs! We offer alternative energy solutions to reduce your environmental impact while promoting local economic development.


The development of decarbonisation projects contributes to the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to the energy transition of a territory through the transformation of local resources.

The projects are also at the heart of the government's recovery plan (France 2030)!



Maitréa ‘s primary mission is to assist local authorities and companies on their decarbonization projects, to reduce their carbon footprint.


This decarbonisation allows the substitution of fossil energy sources with renewable and/or recovered energy (wood, SRF, etc.) sources.


Decarbonising its activities means reinforcing its CSR strategy by offering a carbon-neutral environmentally friendly product or service.


The Environmental Product Declarations (in French: Fiches de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire, FDES), which present the results of a product’s LCA have become an important issue in the environmental performance of a building. Offering a material produced from low-carbon energy makes it easier for customers to achieve the targeted environmental performance, particularly in the context of the new French Environmental Regulation, the so-called RE2020.





Controlling energy-related expenses goes among others using renewable and recovered energy sources rather than fossil fuels, whose prices are highly volatile.


As part of a waste-to-energy project, a precise knowledge of the waste’s nature and origin and of its compliance with the local authorities’ procurement regulation, enables it to control the energy cost and to ensure its stability.


Some companies and industries are subject to the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), which limits annual CO2 emissions. The CO2 price, on the associated carbon markets, has exceeded the 50 EUR/tonne mark in 2021. A local and carbon-free energy production makes it possible to get away from the ETS system and to benefit from a stable energy price.







By 2025, the share of waste sent to landfill has to be reduced by 50%, in line with the French law regarding energy transition for green growth (LTECV). This measure confirms the need to develop recycling and circular economy activities within the territories.


The French Multiannual Energy Plan (PPE) foresees a significant increase of the use of renewable and recovered energy. One of the objectives is a final consumption of renewable heat from biomass of 169 MWh in 2028, thus an increase of 40% compared to 2017.