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Our expertise

We are convinced that the energy transition is contingent upon the development of synergies between the different areas of activity.


Therefore, our role is to support and coordinate all relevant stakeholders by studying and exploring possible synergies to contribute to the energy transition in our territories.

Project stages

The technical component

At the heart of the project, the technical component is our expertise area, acquired through training and our many field experiences. Those skills allow us to achieve:

  • Design study (ATEX studies, geotechnics, etc.)
  • Feasibility study
  • Energy modelling
  • Suppliers’ consultation
  • Construction site monitoring

The economic component

As a true lever for the project, the economic component is a decisive issue. We assist you in consolidating the project funding and defining together the most suitable financial package:

  • Funding search: call for projects by French ADEME (Agency of the Environment and the Control of Energy) (heat funds, BCIAT (Biomass Heat Industry Agriculture Tertiary)), CSR (SRF), CEE (Energy Savings Certificates), BPI (Investment Public Banks), other local funders
  • Business plan consolidation
  • Search for the steam / heat client(s)
  • Drafting contracts
  • Energy taxation

The legal component

Each project is submitted to specific regulations. Our numerous experiences and exchanges with public authorities allow us to understand and master the regulatory constraints for each kind of project:

  • Regulation for Best Available Techniques (BREF)
  • Regulation for Classified Installations for Environment Protection (ICPE 2910 A/B, ICPE 2971)
  • Building permits
  • ETS Classified Installation for Environment Protection
  • Classified Installation for Environment Protection file

The environmental component

In addition to the legal component, we give a great deal of importance to the environmental impacts of our projects. For each issue, we strive to choose the best solution:

  • Smokes treatment
  • By-product treatment (ash, etc.)
  • Obligations regarding Classified Installation for Environment Protection (ICPE)
  • Risk analysis
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Releases to the environment

Our support

Exchanges with clients

Relationships and exchanges with our clients provide the basis that allow us to securely anchor the project.

Supporting and advising you on each stage of the project is the key to success according to us.

Public authorities

Exchanges with French ADEME, as well as regional & national authorities, are essential to strengthen the technical and economic feasibility of the project.

The parties involved

We believe that everybody's opinion matters. We want everyone on the project to have the same level of information. Thus, we can organise information meetings at each stage of the project.

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Maitréa is a member of the innovation centre Valorial :                                                       



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